Healing Touch Therapeutic Riding Center

 A Non-Profit Organization

In Teaching others, we teach Ourselves

Riders Application Information

If interested in participating in the Healing Touch program, please  complete the applications (click below).  Call 407 405-7850 to set up an appointment for a new rider evaluation .

Therapeutic Riding Cost

Healing Touch works hard to ensure that all who want to ride, can ride.  We rely heavily on volunteers to help keep costs low. Each time a rider gets on a horse, the actual cost to Healing Touch can be anywhere from $99 - $120.  We subsidize that cost through fundraising and volunteers by 50% or more, which is why our riders and their parents are frequently asked to participate in activities such as special event volunteering or fundraising.  

In addition, our Board of Directors has created a scholarship fund for riders who qualify. 

Below is a fee schedule/payment options for the 2016-2017 riding year.

Assessment fee $25

Application processing fee $25

Cost for 10 week riding session $350

Scholarships in the amount of $50 to $350 applied to the session price are available, however funding is limited, so please apply as soon as you decide to ride.

Easy Pay Plan

If you are unable to pay in full prior to the beginning of the session, you can sign up for the Easy Pay Plan.  This plan allows you to have your session cost automatically debited from your credit card on either a monthly.