Healing Touch Therapeutic Riding Center

 A Non-Profit Organization

Mary Kingslien grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and came to the organization with many years of corporate experience in the financial and administrative field.  Mary is also a minister and shares her positive and loving encouragement with the children and the parents.  Her experience also includes serving on other non-profit boards as a director, treasurer, vice president and president.  Her vast knowledge has been a valuable asset to Healing Touch as they move forward.  Her passion for the center and the Healing Touch family is contagious as she continues to work toward bringing more individuals to this wonderful program.

Her desire to help others through the equine therapy program prompted the partnership with Mary Kingslien, a longtime friend to look into creating a new center in Central Florida.  So the journey began .... in 2009 all the legal paperwork was completed and it was official.  Healing Touch Therapeutic Riding Center was a reality.  In 2010 we became a 501c3 non-profit organization.   Our program actually began serving the public in 2011 after a property was secured and adapted to be a safe equine facility.  Co-founder,

Healing Touch started with the desire to give back and help others.  Co-founder Chris Davis became involved in the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Center when she was active on the American Payroll Association Board in Virginia.  Their board was looking for an organization that they could  sponsor and become involved with on a volunteer basis.  Chris was a horse person from the time she could walk.  Her family always had horses and she was involved in competing and showing.  When she inquired about volunteering at the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Center her passion and love for the horses became a permanent part of her life once again.   She became a certified PATH Instructor in 2007.  After moving back to Florida in 2007, she volunteered at another Therapeutic Riding Center and was chosen as "Volunteer of the Year" in 2009.