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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is eligible to ride at Healing Touch?
How much does it cost to ride at Healing Touch?
Will Healing Touch bill my insurance company?
How can I volunteer at Healing Touch?
Do you accept donations of used tack or riding wear?
Do you accept donations of horses?
What is your policy on inclement weather?

 Who is eligible to ride at Healing Touch? Children and adults with physical, cognitive or psychological differences are eligible to ride at Healing Touch Therapeutic Riding Center.  Candidates must submit a registration package which contains two physical forms which must be filled out and signed by a physician.  

There may be conditions that are contraindicated for riding that may not be noted by your physician.  It is our primary concern to ensure all riding participants can be assisted safely and will not receive harmful effects from riding.  We strictly follow PATH's guidelines in making these determinations.

PATH guidelines limit a rider's weight to 200 lbs. or less.  Other contraindication examples are spinal fusion and Herrington rods.  Specifics to the individual applying can be discussed once the application is received.

Healing Touch cannot guarantee that a prospective rider will be admitted to the program.

 How much does it cost to ride at Healing Touch?  Healing Touch schedules its sessions on a 10 week basis.  The cost to the rider is $500 per session.  Need based scholarships are available on a limited basis and are only guaranteed for the session in which the student is applying.  Please visit our finance page for more information.

 Will Healing Touch bill my insurance?  No, Healing Touch does not bill insurance or any form of Medicaid for the services it provides.  If you have determined that your insurance will cover therapeutic riding, you are welcome to contact your insurance company to request a reimbursement.

 How can I volunteer at Healing Touch? The first step to volunteering at Healing Touch is to fill out the volunteer registration form.    Our volunteer coordinator will contact you to schedule an orientation meeting and place you on the schedule.  Visit our volunteer page for even more information on volunteering at Healing Touch.

 Do you accept donations of used tack or riding wear?  Healing Touch accepts donations of quality used items that are in good shape and free from problems that would cause health or safety issues.  If we are unable to use the items in our program, we may sell them as part of a Healing Touch fundraiser.  Please drop off your items during business hours so that we can provide you with a receipt.

 Do you accept donations of horses? Each horse that enters our program at Healing Touch undergoes a rigorous training program in order to be considered for our therapy programs.  Ponies and horses must be of an even temperament, physically sound with a willingness to work.  Ponies and horses at retirement age will not be considered for the program.  Please contact the office at (407)405-7850, if you feel that you have a horse that may be a good addition to our program.

What is your policy on inclement weather?  Healing Touch will cancel lessons in the event of  weather events such as rain, hurricane, tropical storm or tornado warning.